Gasoline System

Gasoline System

As a leading development partner to all major car manufacturers for many years, Bosch has been ahead of the competition; thnks to its innovative technology in the field of Gasoline injection system. For 125 years, Bosch has been a company that has developed innovative systems for the continous improvement of engine technology.

Electric Fuel Pump

Electric Fuel Pumps in cars must satisfy very high requirements with respect to functionality, size, noise, emission and length of working life. A fuel pump has to maintain the required fuel pressure under all operating conditions. Fuel pumps can be installed directly in the fuel tank(intank) or in the fuel line(inline).

Features / Advantages
  • Specific delivery of quantity and pressure as per OE requirements
  • High level of interference suppression
  • Very quiet operation
  • Better resistance to corrosion in various fuel quality environment
  • Maximum operation reliability
  • Easy engine cold start ensures long pump life span
  • Increased driving comfort due to reduced noise
  • Optimum fuel delivery
  • Maximum reliability for hot gasoline delivery
  • High level of interference suppression

Lambda Sensor

Lambda Sensor, also known as oxygen sensor senses the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas, and sends a signal to the ECU which adjusts the air-fuel mixture to the optimal level.

Features / Advantages
  • Lambda semsor sends a signal to the ECUs indicating the oxygen in the exhaust system
  • All Bosch Lambda Sensors are of OE quality
  • Supplied ready-to-fit
  • High durability through resistance to environment influence(particularly water, salt & oil) and totally submersible
  • Mechanical and thermal stability
  • Maintains compliance with all exhaust emission testing
  • Easy installation
  • Up to 15% fuel savings
  • Prevents damage to expensive catalytic converter
  • Complies with stringent emmision standards
  • Improved engine smoothness & dynamics

Universal Lambda Sensor
Delivery contents of a universal sensor:
  • Lambda sensor
  • Universal connector
  • Installation instuction
Features of the new universal connector
  • Waterlight
  • Meets OE specifications
  • Fits either 3-pole or 4-pole sensors
  • Enables a simple conection to the wiring harness of the vehicle
  • Provides a secure electrical connection(no soldering necessary)
  • Bosch has developed a special connector, as soldering is not allowed with the lambda sensor
  • Universal lambda sensors replace a wide range of original sensors

Fuel Injector

The injector is triggered electronically to inject the fuel into the intake valves of the engine. The smallest contamination or deposits in the fuel can impair the function. The installation of the injector is carried out by means of special retainers in moulded rubber elements. The resulting heat insulation prevents the formation of vapour bubbles, and thus ensures a good hot-start response.

Features / Advantages
  • Constant functional values
  • Complete freedom from fuel leaks when not activated
  • Optimum delivery of the required quantity of fuel
  • Resistance to fuel deposits
  • Reliable hot-starting of the engine
  • Optimum fuel metering at correct timing
  • Long working life
  • Low fuel consumption
  • High protection against damage to the engine
  • Minimised fuel consumption
  • Significantly improved starting performance
  • Immediate acceleration
  • Longer service life for exhaust components

Ignition Coil

The ignition coil provides ignition voltage. The inducion principle is the basis for the ignition voltage between primary winding and secondary winding. The function of the ignition coil is the amplification of the magnetic field in the secondary winding. A primary voltage of 200 volts will be transformed to nearly 30,000 volts secondary voltage. Defective ignition coils are recognised by the self-diagnosis of a vehicle or by a suitable engine tester.

  • All ignition coils are of Original Equipment quality
  • Specific matched values for ignition energy and ignition voltage
  • Class F Sillicon jacket - extremely good EMI suppression - safe operation
  • Thermal, electrical and chemical stability
  • Good responsiveness, optimum power development and low exhaust emissions
  • Maximum protection with high temperature resistances upto 2500C(v/s EPDM)
  • Stainless steel wire - inductive core technology
  • Conductive ferrite coating and fibre-glass
  • Outstanding interference suppression and insulation
  • Corrosion-resistant and safe contact plug-in connections
  • Extreme heat and cold resistance from 600C to over 2500C
  • Resists chemical and mechanical influences
  • Protects engine and catalytic converter
  • Temperature and shock resistance

New Fuel Pump Kit
Features / Advantages
  • Coplete package containing all wearing parts and stainer
  • Includes clear fitting instruction
  • The quick and easy way to repair fuel supply modules
  • Outstanding performance and a long service life

Air Mass Meter

The air mass flow meter is located between the air filter and throttle valve and measures the air mass flow through the induction manifold. An electrically heated thin platinum wire film resistance with a temperature sensor is inserted into the induction menifold air flow. The ECU receives a voltage signal which is proportional to the air mass flow, from which the control unit calculates the necessary quantity of fuel.

Features / Advantages
  • Model-specific application leads to best engine characteristics, low fuel consumption and low pollitant emissions
  • Latest hybrid technology / microelectronic, therefore high accuracy on air mass measurement
  • Precise sensing and evaluation of signals
  • Optimum driving response
  • Response within a short time span

Ignition Leads / Cables

Ignition cables transmit high voltage from the ignition coil to the distributor and from the distributor to the spark plugs.

Features / Advantages
  • Matched sets and individual leads
  • External insulation of ignition leads is silicon
  • PVC sleeves are not used
  • Corrosion-resistant plug connectors giving reliable contact to spark plugs
  • Outstanding interference suppression
  • Extreme resistance to heat, cold and liquids
  • Optimum engine performance
  • Protects engine and the catalytic coverter as there is no misfiring