It has been over 80 years since the first diesel truck - the three axle MAN S1H6 - was fitted with a filter manufactured by Bosch.

Since 1930, many innovations have taken place, with Bosch implementing and developing new technologies to become one of the leading global manufactures for OE majors, and one of the leading companies in the spare parts market.

At present, in India, Bosch offers a complete package with around 400 different types of air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters, which have become standard components for vehicle and engine manufacturers throughout the country.

Lubge Oil Filters

Oil filters eliminate containminants that accumulate in the lubricating oil whilst the engine is running normally to ensure that the moving parts are not affected; without restricting the flow of oil to any components that require lubrication.

  • Anti-return valve that lubricates even when the spin-on filter is clogged by oil or dirt
  • Anti-drain valve of spin-on filters lubricates cold engines immediately after ignition
  • Paper impregnated with phenolic resin for greater resistance to smoke and cracks
  • Exhaust-proof valve that prevents oil leaks

Air Filters

Air filters are used in all internal combustion engines to purify the air before it enters the combustion chamber. The filteration process consists of physically separating one or more components when the air passes through a permeable barrier. This barrier is the filter paper.

  • Micro-filter element seperates dirt with an efficiency of up to 99%
  • Large active filteration surface ensures a high level of dust separation
  • Impregnated with resin for greater resistance to heat and water
  • Specially developed for respective filter housings to ensure leakproof operation

Diesel Filters

Bosch Diesel Filters can be broadly classified into two categories; a) for coventional systems and b) for common rail systems. They are specifically used to eliminate impurities and to seperate water wfficiently from the fuel.

For Conventional Systems
  • Available in two forms; Spin-on and Inserts
  • Special filtering media with a high dust-holding capacity for a longer and hassle-free service life
  • Better seperation of water and fuel to prevent damage from corrosion
  • Thye stability of the filteration is maintained even at the highest pressure of injection
  • Optimised pore size in the media to seperate even the smallest particles and at the same time ensures free flow of oil
For Common Rail Systems
  • Available in two forms: Spin-on and Inserts
  • Greater capacity for absorption of impurities and seperation of contaminants by means of a double-layered filteration material
  • Melt blown / hydrophobic media ensures maximum separation of water
  • Ensures trouble-free performance even under the extreme pressure of common rail systems

Petrol Filters

Bosch manufactures Petrol Filters carburetted vehicles and MPFI. The filters prevent any impurities in thye fuel from obstructing the openings in the carburettor / MPFI systems, which would cause difficulties in starting the engine and hamper the vehicle's performance. Petrol Filters from Bosch ensure maximum engine protection, improve mileage and prevent loss of power enev in extreme conditions.

  • Application-specific media designed to meet the needs of each engine
  • Long life and the possibility of extended service intervals
  • Materials, design, and construction of Bosch Petrol Filters provide excellent performance in all types of operating conditions
  • Unmatched fuel-cleansing peformance

Cabin Filters

Bosch Cabin Filters protect the occupants of the vehicle from harmful air constaminants. Their main function is to filter the air before it enters the vihicle's cabin. Standard cabin filters retain up to 100% of harmfull materials such as pollen, fine dust, and micro-organisms. Bosch Cabin Filters with activated carbon provide additional protection, as they absorb harmful and hazardous gases such as ozone and exhaust fume gases.

  • Multi-layered filteration medium with a large surface area ensures maximum protection and comfort of the passengers
  • Micro-fibre fleece with electrostatic charge protects against fine dust
  • Activated carbon layer filters upto 100% of harmful and foul-smelling gases
  • Base layer ensures stability for full functional performance
  • Free flow of air for fresh interiors that help improve driver concentration