In 1913 Bosch filed the first patent worldwide for automotive horns.

In 1919 we developed the buzzer system, which produces a continous and uniform tone with a singal diapragm. This tone, however, made it difficult for other road users to estimate the direction or proximity of the vehicle. Bosch later introduced a second diaphragm, the 'harmonic diaphragm', which enables other road users to better determine the position of the warning signal.

Later technological advanncements led to more warning device technologies and types, such as compressed-air and electropneumatic fanfare horns.

Features and Benefits
  • EMC protection(minimises disturbance in other electronic devices like radio, mobile phones, etc)
  • Corrosion-resistant horns
  • Teflon filter technology(keeps out dirt and humidity, relieves pressure build-up inside)
  • All-weather horns with external mounting

Cabin Filters
  • World class super-tone Horns
  • Premium quality
  • Exclusive Bosch design
  • Teflon Filter Technology for pressure compensation

3 Variants
Decorative Ring - 140mm
  • Decorative ring for visible mounting
  • Housing and diaphragm - black, resi-coated
  • Tone disc and ring - shiny matt

Decorative Grill - 140mm
  • Black or chrome plastic grill for visible mounting
  • Housing, tone disc and diaphragm - black, rsi-coated

Standard - 125mm
  • Standard horn for concealed mounting
  • Housing, tone disc and diaphragm - black, resi=coated
  • Tone disc and ring - shiny matt

FC4 Disc Standard
  • Penetrating sound over long distances
  • Galvanised steel for protection against corrosion, dust and humidity

  • Powerfull sound output
  • Attractive grill design
  • Hydro-phobic filter with Nitrile pipe to reduce instances of coil burn

Symophny Fanfare
  • Pleasant tone
  • Fracture-resistant plastic trumpet
  • Easy horizontal or vertical mounting

  • Compact Design
  • Application-Specific mounting brackets

Sharptone Chrome
  • Aesthatically appealing

100 Dia
  • Repairable
  • High-Quality construction